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We are a team made up of professional, experienced and motivated individuals who love their profession.


"Teamwork devides  the tasks and doubles success." - Endru Karengi










Global Standards Consortium DOO Novi Sad

More than two decades ago, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) recognized the added value that will, for global organizations, create compliance with the requirements of a large number of standards. It is this exact vision of the world in which different organizational aspects are aligned with the best world practice and, in general, the perspective of understanding standards as the “best world practice” – this has further guided us to approach consultancy activities from a starting point of a wide-ranging network of experts from a multitude of different expertise, which, for the benefit of the client, work together with one another on joint projects.

We firmly believe that the future lies in standard implementation. As we sincerely believe that a large number of requirements of many different standards can be better implemented with a good network of experts from various industries, who are united over common responsibility. When we say this we are not solely referring to broader expertise, less risks in achieving goals and respecting set deadlines, the support that each of our projects receive from the entire GSC network, and other general benefits of our work, but also the ability of the Global Standards Consortium to adapt to specific requirements of their clients.


Work consistency and the Global Standards Consortium mission

Sometimes it’s hard to reach an answer. Then again, sometimes the answer to key issues is known, even obvious, this is when the challenge becomes not to reach an answer, but to find the best way to behave in accordance with it. And to stay consistent.

Our mission is based on our commitment to provide our clients with consulting services and relevant training, primarily in the domain of standards and related models, with which we will achieve beforehand, agreed outcomes. In doing so, we will continually develop our own competencies, as well as the competences of all our partners and clients we cooperate with. In addition, making sure that all demands of all parties involved are met, nurturing the culture of flexibility and increasing the level of readiness in order to adapt together to all the changes that we are facing on a global level.


“Young and Old” and the vision of the Global Standards Consortium

One of the most frequent phrases used to describe us is – they are a young and old organization. This antithesis points to the peculiarity of the Global Standards Consortium team, which has from its very creation, brought together partners who combined have several decades of experience and hundreds of implemented projects in connection with the establishment, implementation and/or the improvement of variety of systems, models and standards from their field of expertise, as well as relevant training in relation to those areas which clients wanted to conquer or improve in.

Apart from accurately describing us as being both “Young and Old”, the title has further inspired us and directly affected the Global Standards Consortium vision to become an organization that is widely recognized for its consistency in applying globally recognized standards, models and training in accordance with the client’s requirements.


Global Standards Consortium DOO Novi Sad

We are a team made up of professional, experienced and motivated individuals who love their profession.


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